How we prioritise applications

We prioritise applications using the date that you apply.

There are circumstances when we add some time to your application date. This is because your need for a new home could be greater than someone else who applied on the same day as you.

The boxes below tell you when we will add time to your application date. When we do this, it means that your application date will change helping you to move in to your new home quicker.

You will be asked to provide proof of the following factors as part of the application process.

6 months added

  • If you have local connections where our homes are located.
  • If you have previously managed a tenancy well

One year added

  • When your current housing conditions are unsatisfactory
  • Where there are welfare/hardship issues
  • When you are overcrowded by one bedroom
  • When your relationship has broken down
  • If you are in low paid work, voluntary work, higher education or employment-related training close to where our homes are located. 
  • If you require medical needs that require you to move
  • If you are subject to low level nuisance.

Two years added

  • Statutory homeless – this is only granted where the local authority has approved it
  • When you have rooms spare in your home
  • When you are overcrowded by more than two bedrooms
  • Your home is in an area subject to regeneration works meaning you have to move
  • When you or someone living with you has life at risk status supported by the Police 
  • When you have high medical needs 
  • If you are an armed forces leaver.