What is Shared Ownership

What is Shared Ownership?

Shared ownership isn’t about sharing a home with someone. It’s an affordable and quicker way of getting on the property ladder and owning the home you’ve always wanted.  If you are struggling to buy a home outright and are having difficulty raising a deposit, then shared ownership could be the perfect solution for you. 

You simply buy a share in a home and pay a reduced rent on the share you don't own.  You can usually buy shares in a home from 25% to 75%.  If you are not sure how much of a share you can buy, we can signpost you to independent advisors who can help you to make your decision as this will depend on your financial situation.

Then, as and when you can afford to do so, you can increase your share in your home until you own it outright.  As you buy additional shares in your home, your rent reduces.  This is known as ‘staircasing’.



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