Purpose-built home changes family’s life for the better

Purpose-built home changes family’s life for the better

Published: 1 December 2020

The lives of a family in Speke have changed beyond recognition after they got the keys to their new, purpose-built home last week.

The family was over the moon to move into their brand new four-bedroom home, which has been fully adapted to cater for the needs of their 10 year old daughter who has Retts Syndrome and needs a wheelchair to get around.

The house has been built as part of South Liverpool Homes’ (SLH) 118-home Greenway development, where they worked closely with builders Keepmoat Homes and Liverpool City Council to provide a forever home for the family, with all the modern facilities and space needed to make their life more comfortable and manageable for years to come.

The family had previously been living in a two-bedroom home in Speke where space was very limited and the tricky stairs meant mum had to carry her daughter up and down them every day. The new home contains specially designed features to support the family in their daily routine, which includes a lift, a bathroom with a lifting hoist to assist with bathing, a hoist in the bedroom, widened doors and easy access into the home and garden.

The delighted mum said: “As soon as I looked around the home, I knew that our lives were going to change for the better. My daughter’s disabilities meant that our previous home was not suitable for her needs anymore, especially as she got older and when her brother and sister came along.

“We’re a very close family and I wanted us all to sleep on the same level, so that meant I had to carry my daughter up the flight of stairs every morning and night which was getting difficult as she got older. Separating the family at night time is something I wanted to avoid at all costs - we’re a family unit and it was important that we stayed that way.

“There was very little privacy too as my daughter had to share a room with her younger brother, so personal care and getting dressed each day was becoming an issue.

“Our new home is absolutely perfect for our family now. The lift means that my daughter will get some independence back as she will be able to go to her bedroom without having to be carried. And the extra space is life changing too; the kids have their own bedroom, and the widened doorways and lower access facilities will make life so much easier.

“I feel like I now have a lovely, safe environment for me and our family and I can’t thank everyone who’s been involved enough.”

Claire Ryan, Executive Director of Investment and Assurance at SLH said: “We have been keen to find a suitable home for the family since Liverpool City Council got in touch with us to see if we could help out.  

“Their situation meant that they could simply not manage in their home any longer and we knew how important it was for the family to have a lift with wheel-in/wheel-out access. Fortunately SLH was just about to embark on the Greenway development so we worked at length with the family, Keepmoat Homes and Liverpool City Council children’s occupational therapy team to design a home which met their needs – now and in the long term.

“It’s lovely to hear that this home will be life-changing for the family and we hope that they will be very happy here for a long time. We are delighted that over 80 families have moved into the development in Speke so far, creating a thriving and inclusive community for local people.”

Gareth Roberts, Regional Managing Director at Keepmoat Homes, said: “We’re delighted to be able to provide them with a new forever home which is close to their wider family and in an area they love. Building a bespoke home comes with many challenges but these are circumstances that we could not ignore as a responsible developer.

“Our Greenway development has always been about forging links with the local community and ensuring that the benefits of the regeneration scheme are felt as widely as possible, and working with both South Liverpool Homes and Liverpool City Council, we have been able to think of innovative ways to adapt our homes to address individual needs.

“It’s so rewarding knowing that you’ve been able to make a difference to a family’s life and we hope they enjoy spending time in their brand-new home.” 

The development on Greenway Road, Speke, comprises of 118 family homes which are a mix of affordable rent and rent to buy – a government initiative that eases the transition from renting to buying.

Recently announced ‘Development of the Year’ at the 2020 Liverpool City Region Property Awards, the development features modular homes which enables the developers to build homes at an accelerated pace, reduce the impact on the environment and offer customers high-quality, sustainable homes where they could save up to 20% on their fuel bills.